Think About It, You'll Start Seeing It.

- By Eléonore Compère 

Being Fanny’s friend for now almost 2 years and spending my time on a daily basis with her, I have to admit that she influenced me in a way.

I haven’t turned my life into a “no-waste lifestyle” (yet) but I am more aware of my actions and gestures that I could change to reduce my waste.


Once you see the crazy amount of plastic around you – you cannot ignore it anymore.

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 18.32.28.png

I am currently studying in a room in a monastery. It’s a beautiful place, quiet and peaceful. Today, the sunlight came through my window and it felt great. Therefore, I decided to go for a short run.

While I was running and feeling good on this countryside road with no house and only cows next to me, I started to notice pieces of trash on the side of the road. I first thought it was weird (trash in the middle of nowhere??), but then, on the whole path through the field there were so many such as cans, snack packages and all kind of paper, plastic and metal trashes. It grossed me out while I was running back to the monastery.

Then, at diner, while I was sitting in the dining hall and expressing my feelings about the trash I found to my friend that studies here too, I noticed all the individual packages of mayonnaise and salad dressing. Ugh. Same for the individual portions of coffee cream and all the tea bags. Ugh.



Thanks to What About Waste, I stopped putting salad dressing on my lettuce at the monastery (👍) just because now I am able to see further that little actions can help to fight against the waste even if you start little it can have a huge impact!

Thank you WAW