The plastic bottles

We all know that we shouldn't use plastic bottles, but what actually happens to them? Here is a short TED-Ed talk on the life journey of 3 ways a plastic bottles can end up. 


Start with small changes

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Get your reusable bottle with 24Bottles

24Bottles aims at producing less CO2 in the production of their bottles: "Together with Reteclima® we have assessed and certified that our Urban Bottle 500ml, from raw materials to production, packaging and transport, releases 543,3 grams of CO2 into the atmosphere. This is the equivalent of the production of just 6,46 plastic bottles of the same volume."

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Fancy something extravagant and with beautiful patterns, then go check S'well! 

S'well also partners with many charities such as UNICEF USA, American Forests, Drink Up, and BCRF. For example, S'well is supporting water programs across Madagascar, helping to build infrastructure, educate families on water-borne diseases and promote national reform to make a sustainable, long lasting change.

click here to access the S'well website. 



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Similar to S'well in the bottle design, Chilly's bottles are also a good choice.

click here to access the Chilly's website.