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What About Waste is a non-profit organization aiming to reduce the use of plastic straws. We convince restaurants/bars/cafés to give up plastic straws and use our stainless steel ones instead. You can find the list of all the wawer restaurants here.

WAW was founded in November 2017 by 3 young girls; Fanny, Manuela, and Betty. Soon after, the team grew to 5 with Harold and Eléonore joining the team. Today, WAW has over 100 restaurants using the strawaw. 

But we do not stop there; we are also involved politically to pass a law in Brussels to eliminate plastic straws in the HORECA (hotels, restaurants, cafés). You can find out more about this here

At WAW we also try to conscientise individuals about waste. Therefore we have made a section here where people can learn more on how they can reduce their daily waste. After all, motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keep you going. 




Most of the questions we get about our straws are:
1) "but, how do you clean them?"
2) "are they recyclable?"
3) "where can I get them?"

So let's answer these for you:
1) Our straws come with a brush that fits inside. They are made in stainless steel therefore they do not rust, neither do they break easily, so after each use they can go in the dishwasher. Just think of the straw as another cutlery like a fork or a knife.

2) Our straws are made of stainless steel, a metal that is recyclable indefinitely. 

3) We only provide our straws to restaurants, bars or cafés at the moment because this way we can be guaranteed that they will use them. If you own a restaurant, or you know someone that does and might be interested in becoming more environmentally friendly, you can contact us here.


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Even though plastic is a very strong material that can last up to 500 years, plastic straws themselves have a very limited lifetime. After one single use, they end up (at its best) in a garbage bin, otherwise they get lost in nature or in the ocean.

In the United States, around 50 million plastic straws are consumed every single day. At the European level, the statistics are not lacking either as the NGO Ocean Conservancy believes that straws are the 5th type of garbage most collected on our shores.

Unfortunately, it is more and more recurrent to hear about the ecological problems related to the excessive use of plastic and the environmental impacts that it causes. We therefore believe that it is crucial to make people aware of the harmful effects that our lifestyle causes to the environment. Check "about us" to learn more about our engagements.

the WAW straws

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