Refuse The Straw

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Plastic straws are used all over the world for any kind of drink, from your iced coffee to your tap water, learn to refuse it! 

Ask for your drink to be served without a straw, add a smile and explain your motivations. People will be delighted, and you raise curiosity & awareness in the world! 

Want to buy some to take everywhere with you? Here are some shops that sell stainless steel straw (the straWAW is not for sale unfortunately) 

-- If you need factual reasons to why we think SUCKING SUCKS, here you go --

1. Harm to animals. Plastic straws are used just once and then they are discarded, and in most cases end up littering the ocean harming and killing the animals. 

2. Environmental damage. Most straws are made from polypropylene (petroleum-based plastic), meaning that straws are another product that requires fossil fuel extraction. 

3. Health issues caused from the BPA in the plastic are a serious issue to think about. Even plastics that claim to be BPA-free, are still tested positive for synthetic estrogens. More on this topic here.

4. Visual pollution. When taking a walk on the beach or in the parc, you will always encounter plastic straws (or any kinds of trash for that matter). Think about it, it takes less effort to avoid plastic than to recycle or "get rid of it".  

So... it’s a lot of waste for something you throw out after only one use. Of course, it is a convenient pleasure, but it is really worth it? 

If you're a daily consumer of straws and panic to the idea of giving up plastic straws, we suggest you carry a stainless steel straw around.