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Dédié à l’élimination de la paille


Les restaurants, les bars et les cafés ont tous un point commun: la quantité excessive de déchets qu’ils produisent chaque jour. La problématique des déchets est très présente aujourd'hui et nous voulons agir dès aujourd’hui. Nous avons cherché à changer quelque chose à propos de Bruxelles, quelque chose pour faire de celle-ci un modèle pour d’autres villes dans le monde.

Notre objectif est d'éliminer les pailles en plastique dans toutes les villes dans lesquelles nous opérons en offrant nos pailles WAW réutilisable à toute institution souhaitant rejoindre le mouvement.


Les pailles sont un plaisir, bien sûr, et c’est pourquoi, chez WAW, nous sommes convaincus qu’une alternative écologique aux pailles en plastique devrait être mise en avant pour profiter de nos boissons rafraîchissantes sans nuire à notre belle planète.

Notre mission est de sensibiliser le public aux plastique à usage unique, en commençant par l'interdiction des pailles en plastique en Belgique.

Pour ce faire, nous voulons aider autant de restaurants, bars et cafés que possible à réduire leur utilisation de pailles en plastique et les remplacer par notre alternative durable, nos pailles WAW en inox.


C’est en changeant nos efforts individuels que nous allons ressentir l’impact de nos actions quotidienne.

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Voici l'équipe

Nous sommes une équipe de 5 étudiants avec l'ambition d'aider la planète. Mais on ne s’arrête pas là! Nous avons récemment créé une équipe à Maastricht. Si vous aussi voulez créer votre propre équipe WAW dans votre ville, contactez-nous ici.


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Si ce n’est pas maintenant, alors quand?


Les pailles WAW

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WAW dans la presse


La Libre

"À 21 et 22 ans, Manuela et Fanny se sont levées un matin avec l’envie de relever un drôle de défi : bannir les pailles en plastique à Bruxelles. Alors qu'elles sont toujours sur les bancs de l’université..."

Les inrockuptibles

"Créé par trois jeunes belges, What About Waste vise la suppression de toutes les pailles en plastique dans les cafés, bars et restaurants à Bruxelles, proposant des pailles en métal..."

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"Fanny et Manuela ont la vingtaine et déjà plein d’idées en tête dont une en particulier: réduire – supprimer définitivement – l’utilisation des pailles en plastique de Bruxelles. ..."

WE demain 

"Un mouvement international est en train de se mettre en place contre les pailles en plastique, fléau écologique. En Belgique, des étudiantes essaient de convaincre les restaurateurs de les remplacer par des pailles en métal..."


Notre histoire


about fanny

It all started while studying for exams. Everyday, my grandmother would make me the healthiest breakfast you could possibly imagine. "For your neurons" she'd say. Everyday I would drink my freshly squeezed orange juice with a straw. The study period lasted three weeks:

7 x 3 = 21 . 21 straws all by myself. This is when I decided that my habits had to change, because I understood that the choices I made today, determine the way you will live tomorrow.

I have always wanted to make a change, to contribute to an important cause. I don't come from a particular ecological family, but I have always been in contact with nature; its beauty and its power. I think it's also worth mentioning that fighting for a cleaner and brighter future was not my "destiny", nor what I "always wanted to do" but merely a realisation that I could simply not continue living with my current habits.

I started changing my eating and shopping habits, and started the Whataboutwaste Instagram to try and spread as much awareness as I possibly could to the people around me. I also learned to listen and learn, A LOT about how to go about raising awareness about environmental issues. I received so much encouragement, even from strangers. This made me realise that I really wasn't alone in this, and that people all around the world had started small projects to change their surrounding's habits which gave me the courage to start this movement.

Strangers can change your life, and Manuela surely did change mine. She has helped me bring WAW to where we are now and although I am convinced of the WAW movement's potential, she makes me eager to develop it further and encourages me to envision the possible influence we can have on this planet.

I refuse to think we are doomed in this pile of plastic, and believe that every small effort does make a change.

- Fanny Everard, Founder of What About Waste.


about manuela

"For me it was different. My interest for the environment is not new. In fact, it started when I travelled in Australia and New Zealand a few years ago. I worked in many farms and met many environmentally-conscious people, and I loved it. But once I came back home, this interest in me died; other concerns such as “what I should study” and “study hard to pass all my exams” took its place. Fast forward a couple years when a friend of mine suggested I watch a documentary called “What the Health”. And that’s when it all started.

It only took one documentary to revive this passion I once had. From one day to another I stopped eating all meat, dairy and other animal based products. My curiosity for this vegan/plant-based diet led me too many other documentaries, articles, and books to help me further understand this lifestyle. Gradually, my motives were not only for health reasons, but also for the protection of animal and of course, the protection of the environment.

 The more I researched, the more I realised how rapidly our eco-system was dying. This mass extinction was caused by society’s excessive behaviour. How did we let this happen?

There was a lot of changes to be made in my life. Not only did I start noticing the amount of plastic I used every day, but my awareness grew larger and larger, plastic is everywhere! How could I have not noticed before? Why was I not more careful of my own excessive use of plastic? The answer is simple; I didn’t know. I wasn’t conscious of how bad my environmental impact on this planet was. Not everybody realises that the amount of trash and plastic surrounding us is killing our planet. And that’s when I realised that I had to do something about this…because it's never too late.

The next day of my new found “purpose in life”, something magical happened to me.  I went to university, sat down in class next to this girl that I’ve never met before, and we started talking. You know the feeling you have when you meet someone for the first time and you just know that this person will change your life forever? Well this is the exactly what I felt the moment we said “Hey.” to each other for the first time.

  Oh, and this girl is Fanny Everard."

- Manuela Moutafian, Founder of What About Waste

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