What you can do to make a change

At What About Waste, we attempt to reduce our personal waste as much as possible and also to positively influence you with environmentally friendly alternatives. We strongly believe that using less plastic is solely a matter of changing our habits on a daily basis. 

Reducing your plastic waste is not a matter of buying more in order to refurnish your entire kitchen or bathroom, it simply requires a bit of creativity; changing old bedsheets into cloths, or reusing your mayonnaise jar for your handmade body lotion. 

To help you reduce your personal trash, we made a selection of our favourite tricks, brands, and no-waste essentials for you.

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Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.


refuse The Straw 

Whether you're in a club, doing a city-trip or in a restaurant that has not yet joined What About Waste yet, we suggest you refuse the plastic straw!  

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The reusable bottle

Start thinking about using reusable bottles, and forget the plastic ones. If your not convinced yet, maybe this will help: you get 10% off the 24Bottles with our promo code.


The cLOTH bag 

Cotton bags have become a great environmentally friendly alternative to plastic and paper shopping bags. Another benefit of the cloth bag is it's small cost in the long run. 


Bulk stores

Did you know that you can save 40% of your grocery shopping cost when buying in bulk? And today bulk shops are opening everywhere at a fast speed! So no excuse, download a bulk finder app and go check it out.


eating less meat 

Reducing your consumption of meat can have a big impact on the environment, in a good way!


The Beewax 

If your bag is too small or you simply don't like the carry a lunchbox around, this is for you. The beeswax is a great alternative to aluminium foil or plastic wrappings. 

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Second-hand shopping

What are the benefits you might ask?

Well, it is more affordable, you find unique pieces and brand names, your money stays in the community, and of course it is eco-friendly! 



Instead of using a toothbrush, try opting for a bamboo toothbrush. It is compostable and biodegradable.