Festival season is coming soon

By Carla Goldberg

Imagine the end of June in Brussels… you’re done with your exams, the sun is shining (fingers crossed!) and all you can think of is which festival you’re going to hit this summer? Your search ends now, because I’ve found for you a place where you can enjoy the best electronic music while being green and respecting our dear environment.

Yes it’s true, a green festival does exist in Brussels (well in Perk actually, which is next to it) and you don’t want to miss it!

Let me introduce you: Paradise City. If you believe that action for our planet must be taken now, then this is the right place for you. Their vision goes like this: “we utterly believe the future can be bright but that our generation needs to stand up and act.” This is why they first started this adventure four years ago, to convince “paradise citizens” (as they call it) of the need to adopt a greener lifestyle.

But how can a festival can make me adopt a greener lifestyle, you may ask? Simple! Paradise City is an ecological festival with a green policy: each year they minimize their carbon footprint, their waste and emissions. The food looks and tastes delicious and is sustainable: biological and seasonal ingredients are served in compostable tablewear.  

Most importantly, last year, Paradise City has won the Highly Commended Award at the “A Greener Festival Awards 2017”. This means that Paradise City is considered a well-managed environmentally aware festival that is taking significant steps on ecological actions. “A Greener Festival” is a not-for-profit company who helps events around the world to adopt green and environment-friendly practices. Any event can be part of the awards scheme and the greenest festival takes the famous award back home.

Adopt a greener lifestyle and make a difference by being part of the Paradise City experience this summer! This year’s event will take place on June 29, 30th and July 1st. I already have my tickets, do you?

Carla Goldberg