Belgian Eco-eShops to know ASAP

By Carla Goldberg


If you’re tired of industrial stores whose priority is not the environment (aren’t we all?), this article is for you! Here are three Belgian eco-eshops you won’t be able to live without. Happy shopping!

            1. eFarmz

You’re only one click away from eating organic, local and seasonal, directly from the farm to your home. Meet eFarmz! It’s an online platform where you can order your favorite and fresh organic products.


Since 2013, eFarmz supports sustainable food and works with minimum ecological footprint by using paper packaging and ecological vehicles for deliveries. Their 94 producers focus on finding what is best for the consumers’ health, tastes and, of course, with respect for nature.


A tab “zero waste” is available on the website’s menu where you’ll find a great range of products in reusable and returnable containers. A good way to say “goodbye and see you never” to the usual plastic packaging.


            2. Up & Down Hill

Buying clothes and being ethic is now possible thanks to Up & Down Hill. Founded in 2016, their philosophy is “buying less but buying better”: they travelled around Belgium to bring together eco-friendly designers. Each aspect of Up & Down Hill is eco-Belgian and thought in respect of the environment in order to leave as little an impact as possible.


A dozen designers have entered the Up & Down Hill adventure. They aspire to think that dressing locally is synonymous with evolution and that respecting the environment goes much further than our eating habits.


Let’s forget about our mass-production clothes, where you end up wearing the same shirt than one of your friends at every single party. Consume “made in Belgium” and contribute to the protection of the environment!


3. MakeSenz

If you want to give the best to your skin while being eco-responsible, MakeSenz is the answer (launched first as Senz in 2011). MakeSenz is all about “slow cosmetic”: a militant movement for an alternative consumption of beauty. Every product is made in respect with your body and our planet.


On the e-shop you can find several organic beauty products from different brands and DIY ideas. MakeSenz even organizes workshops to learn how to make cosmetics from natural ingredients. If you ever wander in the neighborhood of Châtelain in Brussels, stop by their shop to enjoy a personalize care and massage.


Being beautiful and caring for the planet has never been easier! Plus, all their products are cruelty-free and vegan. I’m sure we’ll meet at their next workshop!