Repair cafés: Where Waste Is Banned

Tired of buying a new smartphone every year, a new charger every two years or throwing your shirt every time it has a hole in it? Yeah, I know the feeling… That is why I would like to introduce you an increasingly popular concept in town: repair cafés!

Repair what?! Let me explain… The whole idea is about people gathering in a café in order to bring their personal objects back to life rather than throwing them and buying some new. Clothing, furniture, electrical appliances, bicycles, anything you want can be repaired with the help of others! These “others” are professional or just random people who believe that we should stop wasting our money in a consumer lifestyle and start repairing the stuff we already own.

This kind of initiative is not only a good way for meeting new and talented people, it is also a way to reduce the consumption of raw materials, energy and CO2 emissions needed to manufacture new products. Bringing your belongings to a repair café is the perfect way to avoid overconsumption and waste.

Need more convincing? There is no money involved. You can get all your stuff repaired for free, and you even learn some new skills in the process! If you don’t have anything that needs reparation (mmh, really?), you can still enjoy a drink at any repair café while helping the volunteers.

In Belgium, the non-profit organization, Repair Together, supports the development of repair cafés all over the country. There is over 20 repair cafés in Brussels! Don’t hesitate to check their website to have more information and a complete list of the locations and schedules of the repair cafés.

I personally just love this kind of project, where people come together in order to make a significant change for our dear Planet. It makes me believe that everything is possible!