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Restaurants with WAW straws

Explore our list of awesome establishments that have decided to join the WAW movement for a world with a little less single-use plastic.

How to order

We do not sell our straws to individuals at the moment, ONLY to restaurants, bars, hotels, catering services, events or cafés. With the straws, we also offer:

- a "label" to place on their counter, this way you will be able to see which restaurant, bar or café is actively contributing to a plastic straw-free planet! 
- a manual on how to wash the straws
- brushes to wash the straws


Step 1

Any establishment can contact us at:

note: please attach this document filled in.

Step 2

We do a trial period with them, in which we adopt a "satisfait ou remboursé" agreement (satisfied or refunded).

Step 3

The restaurants uses the straws for a period of one month to make sure they like using the straws.

Step 4

If they decide they like the straws, they keep them. And WAW adds a new restaurant to the list, and continues to grow!


On a terrace, in a bar, at the restaurant. With friends or alone watching the passers-by... The straw is the accessory that has become almost necessary in our cocktails or detox smoothies. 

Plastic straws are used by millions, every day, all around the world. Yet we are all aware of the environmental consequences associated with plastic.

Moreover, if sadly it ends up in the ocean it is not only subject to disintegration in micro-particles harmful to our health, but also causes the death and disappearance of sea life.

Therefore, at WAW we have decided to opt for the stainless steel straws. Reusable, easy to clean, and looks so nice! How can you say no to this?




Most of the questions we get about our straws are:
1) "but, how do you clean them?"
2) "are they recyclable?"
3) "where can I get them?"

So let's answer these for you:
1) Our straws come with a brush that fits inside. They are made in stainless steel therefore they do not rust, neither do they break easily, so after each use they can go in the dishwasher. Just think of the straw as another cutlery like a fork or a knife.

2) Our straws are made of stainless steel, a metal that is recyclable indefinitely. 

3) We only provide our straws to restaurants, bars, hotels, events, caterers, or cafés at the moment because this way we can be guaranteed that they will use them and we can reach a larger public. If you own a restaurant, or you know someone that does and might be interested in becoming more environmentally friendly, you can contact us here.


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